Take a look around this page! Watch the videos and download our supplies from the bottom of this page, to help your classroom or group, learn about their well-being. We love this information which got co-created by our charity and students in continuation high schools in Los Angeles.

We are making plans to impact a whole community with this council woman. Listen to what she sees in this poster, deck of cards and worksheets!

This little one is 7 years old and able to digest and read aloud our cards. Imagine having them in your home! Download here!

This classroom worked on these characters, imbuing them with emotions. They are perfect for our alphabet coloring book. The students also explored vulnerability, mastery, and trust in the creative process going through this exercise.

We painted for four hours with the community of Canoga Park, exploring creativity and exposing ourselves to others in a way that takes courage and skill. We gave away so many posters and cards! All the families left with something from our CALMHSA micro-grant!

We followed the work done at this site : http://moodnudges.com/the-strength-of-weakness/


I aim to keep a positive attitude towards myself, being happy with whom I am.

I recognize and accept that there are multiple sides to me, and that these inevitably include both good and bad qualities.

It’s my choice to feel mainly positive about my past life.



There’s a sense of direction to my life, and I have clear goals.

My life, both present and past, has meaning.

I hold personal beliefs that help to give my life purpose.

My daily life is structured around aims and objectives.



Whenever appropriate, I determine my own direction in life, independently.

Social pressures don’t sway my thoughts and actions.

Self-control enables me to regulate my behaviors.

I don’t make judgments by comparing myself to others.



I try to enjoy managing everyday life, feeling a sense of achievement.

If things go wrong, I’m generally able to adapt and adjust.

I like spotting opportunities and making the most of them.

I feel a certain sense of control over the world immediately around me.



I work hard at maintaining warm, satisfying relationships with others, and am concerned about their welfare.

I enjoy feeling close to people, and empathetic.

I appreciate that all human relationships involve a degree of give and take, and compromises.



My life is always developing, and I’m continually growing and expanding.

I’m always open to new experiences.

I believe I’m realizing my potential, and understanding more about myself every day.

Here’s what we did!

  • We worked with students at Zane Grey High School and John R Wooden High School in Los Angeles, to draw characters and monsters. This was during an exercise we taught them about creating without concern for “getting it right.”

  • We took these characters and made them into computerized versions of themselves.

  • We went back to the classroom and discussed the SPIRIT definitions and also gave the students a check-in assessment which you can download, for their well-being based on the work from Dr. Carol Ryff, a Hilldale Professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They took the survey assessment for their selves.

  • We went back to the computer and designed three items available for free to the students we serve as well as the greater Los Angeles community when we attend art walks throughout the year. Each item is also available for download on this site by clicking on the images at the end of the page.

  • A. a poster with SPIRIT – Self-Acceptance, Purpose, Independence, Resourcefullness, Interconnection and the characters from the student work.


  • B. A coloring book using 26 characters for the alphabet, with accompanying phrases about wellness, making wellness accessible to all ages.


  • C. Individual cards with these elements describing what it feels like when you have the attributes like self-acceptance in your life.


  • D. A survey for your wellness check-in.

  •  We painted two 4X8 wood panels with the characters at school and at the art walk we attended in Canoga Park where the community at large helped. They will travel with us for the year at our events.

  • We distributed the posters and cards at three local parks, Zane Grey and John R Wooden High Schools.

  • We are establishing a workshop with a council member in Simi Valley for her community, based on our work for the micro-grant.

To download items, tap on the image you want to have.


Coloring Alphabet Book


Wellness Survey