What if there were “pleinĀ air” permanent easels in all parks and public spaces everywhere?

What if you could just take your canvas and go to the park without the hassle of putting an easel in a car or worse, lugging it on the bus?

We believe that more art would be made if there were more en plein airĀ opportunities for all.

Art is expensive. It requires a tenacity that a city can lean into and aid by starting at the base problem.

“Where can I do this in public where it’s beautiful to paint and where I can be in the great outdoors? Where can I play in art just as easily as I can a slide?”

The parks!

How is history recorded? By storytelling.

Let the visual story of your city be painted by giving the artist a permanent location to show up and record the comings and goings of your community.

We suggest you place permanent easels and we’d like to design them with you.