What if every park in the world had workout walls – just like they have fields to practice on? What if mural making was a sport?

Somewhere in the middle is where you will find us, cheering on the artist who practices like an athlete and heroically goes big on walls which the city builds for them to paint.

We have partnered with ZGF Architects, specifically Christopher Locke and Johnathan Sharp through their A+ probono program to design the walls. We have multiple iterations for different opportunities. We are working with Great Western Park to install our first wall… which has yet to be funded.

The city of Los Angeles spends $1100 every hour on graffiti abatement. We abate when we educate.

#Workoutwalls and #muralwalls need to be built and we are out there advocating for just that. We work with your park department to start and then grow from there.

Adding our M2ART4ALL program at the wall we ensure that the artists develop and start to harness their given talents, at the wall and off the wall. It is our promise that this will alter the public perception of many young artists and build the self-esteem of all who participate with the walls. It’s vital to a city’s youth to give the hidden street artist a place to create and grow, just like it is to give other’s a basketball court.

The alternative is possibly jail or death for our artists and we cannot afford that any longer. It’s our parental responsibility,¬†as city dwellers, to provide and nurture these unseen artists.

When we harness their energy, they start to behave differently toward themselves. This will provide a direct and positive impact on their education, just like sports do.