We have things to say about what we have learned.
These essays are written by our founder, Maura.


We got an A!

This lovely co-ed chose to write her paper about our non-profit at the University of Oregon. We are proud, we are seen, we will continue to strive to hit the marks that she sees as areas to improve and we couldn’t be more proud. Alex Furmansky AAD 421/521 Julie Voelker-Morris Midterm Overview February 4, 2017 Off […]

She got her Sway on

Student artists in residence program at the house is something of an experiment breeding educated artists with full fledged self-esteem. Suey~ This lovely young lady accepted our invite to come live with us in July of 2016. She had already lived with me once before working on her life when she was 18, now she […]

Permanent Walls – They Just Want to Paint

This letter will propose to the cities of Los Angeles an inspirational adjustment to the approach to graffiti abatement. One that creates a web of well educated artists and designers ready to give back to society and remain loyal to Los Angeles. Why should we adjust anything to begin with and what’s at stake if we […]

Stressing The House

There are cracks in the drywall of our headquarters as we strive to build a solid foundation upon which our figurative spawn will stand to create and make art and change their lives. The cracks come from the stress of combining so many elements under one roof but it’s a 1943 tract home that has […]

A felony for him a sentence for you

OTWG is a non-profit dedicated to developing underserved artists into educated cogent creators poised to change the world through their creativity. This is what we do day to day with very savvy street goers who know the compelling feeling of owning the night at an early age, usually because no one is looking in their […]

Not a gun

We have an opportunity for a webisode to be filmed for us by student filmmakers at the New York Film Academy. It’s a voice that I have been eager to see, the visual world of Off The Wall come to life. Not our Running Off The Wall world, but the actual kid’s world out there […]

All In

Two and a half years ago, I turned to Off The Wall with an all in mindset. That means, a hundred percent of my time and effort is dedicated to it. My resources, my intelligence, my creativity, my family. Everything. All in. What looks like on a daily basis is something a kin to wearing […]

The Dad Factor

Great men. I’m kind of obsessed with this notion of what it takes to be one. It’s a combination of men who make their way, striving to better their world by making money, taking risks, providing for others and culling a sense of community and nationality that leaves a legacy of good behind it. They […]

Running Off The Wall ~

Welcome to the layered life of the founders who are running off the wall. It’s a look at the web that is woven on behalf of the growth and well being of these artists.   This week on the west coast:   Monday Avery (number one son) and I took Zach (number two artist) on […]

Marketing The Cause ~

The qualities of leadership that are needed to guide change are often the same of a highly involved parent. The kind who knows the friends and parents of all their kids and whether or not homework was assigned over the holiday. The ones who know the slang and aren’t afraid to drop it in opportune […]

High Valued Target ~

Last weekend Sherman Oaks Park hosted an event called Camp Sizzle where Off The Wall Graffiti was asked to create with the community at large with our mentors and artists. It was meant to give opportunity to everyone to make their mark and leave feeling more alive. It worked. We brought our crew, native New […]